Prayer for the Conclusion of Every Hour

Have mercy on us, O God, and have mercy on us.  You Who, at all times and at every hour in heaven and on earth, are worshipped and glorified.

O Christ, our God, Who are longsuffering, plenteous in mercy and most compassionate, Who loves the righteous and has mercy on sinners, of whom I am first.  Who does not wish the death of sinner but to repent and to live; Who calls all to salvation, through the promise of good things to come.

Receive, O Lord, our prayers at this hour and at every hour; prosper our ways and guide our life toward Your commandments.  Sanctify our souls.  Make chaste our bodies.  Correct our thoughts.  Purify our intentions.  Heal our sickness.  Remit our sins, and deliver us from every affliction, evil and pain.  Compass us about with Your holy angels; that, guided and guarded by their array, we may attain to the unity of faith and the knowledge of Your unapproachable and infinite glory; for blessed are You unto the ages of ages.