Prayer before Confession

Our Heavenly Father, who loves the return of sinners to Him, and promised to accept them, please look at a sinful soul, that was long lost and gone astray in the valleys of disobedience. It suffered from bitterness and affliction due to being far from the fountain of Salvation.

Now, it approaches You seeking Your power to cleanse it from the entire dirt and filth that smudged it! Accept it, and do not reject it. If you look at it with Your compassion and treated it with Your mercy, it will be purified and saved; but if You ignore it, it will be destroyed.

My Lord, give me grace with which I dare get closer to You with strong faith and great hope, to confess my transgressions and hate returning to them. Let Your Spirit rebuke me for my sins. Shed light on my heart so that I can see and realize how much 1 have sinned, transgressed, ignored and neglected.
Give me determination to stop returning back to sin but to be steadfast in keeping Your Commandments and live for the glory of You Holy name.  Amen.



Prayer after Confession

I thank You, My Good Lord, the Lover of mankind, as You did not wish eternal death but woke me up from my long sleep and guided me to Your path. You have restored me from the valley of death and brought me to your safe, strong fortress.

Fill me with hope and faith. I have come to You, O Lord, as a patient to the healing physician, as a hungry, poor person to the satisfying food, as a sinner to the Savior, and as a dead person coming to the fountain of life.

You are my Salvation, my Physician, my Life, my Strength, my comfort and my joy. In You only is my rest. Therefore, help me, keep me, and surround me with your care and angels. Teach me to submit all my will in Your good hands, so that I may walk according to Your will. Help my weakness in order that I become steadfast and remain faithful to You until the end.